Ep. 150: Decluttering Your Home with Guest Sarah Mueller

Building Resilience Podcast
Building Resilience Podcast
Ep. 150: Decluttering Your Home with Guest Sarah Mueller

Have you ever looked around your home and felt drowned in clutter, only to shove those feelings aside, unsure of where to begin? I think we’ve all been there. The emotional weight of clutter is real, and it can’t be understated what a clean, organized space can do for our mental health. 

Enter Sarah Mueller, the genius behind The Decluttering Club. She champions a way to declutter that’s both emotionally healing and practically effective!  With her, we dive deep into understanding the emotional ties we have to our belongings and the liberating act of letting them go. Sarah doesn’t just offer decluttering tips; she provides a lens to view our possessions in a new light. 

Remember: decluttering isn’t just about tossing things out. It’s about making space for what truly matters. As Sarah often says, It’s not about needing the item; it’s about needing the space.


  • Decluttering Club Community – Sarah’s community that’s transforming homes and hearts.
  • Find more from Sarah and the Decluttering Club on Instagram (which also happened to be my first encounter with Sarah’s game-changing content!)

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