Ep. 149: Feeling Hard Feelings

Building Resilience Podcast
Building Resilience Podcast
Ep. 149: Feeling Hard Feelings

“Move on.” “Get over it.” “Rub some dirt in it.” Sometimes the world around us can make us feel like delving into our emotions is forbidden territory. The secret: that’s exactly where we need to let ourselves go in order to move on.

In this episode of Building Resilience, I open up a conversation about the importance of not just feeling, but understanding and processing our emotions. I’ve touched the surface of emotions in past episodes. However, today we dig in and explore why you should invite a hard emotion in, like a welcome guest—and when it’s time, send it on its way.

We unfold common coping strategies, discuss why our emotions are like a car’s dashboard, and how our emotions intertwine with our thoughts. After listening, you’ll know how to not just accept a hard emotion—but embrace it.


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