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We all have times where we feel stressed or anxious, but for many it becomes a problem that interferes with their daily life and steals their joy.

Do you often feel on edge, overwhelmed, or burned out? Are you tired of feeling like you will never get out from under it?

If you find yourself struggling to find peace and are desperate for a solution, I have good news for you.

You have come to the right place. I can teach you the solution.

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This is why I created the Advanced Training in Nervous System Resilience.

You likely have tried thought work or other traditional methods, and while you may see some improvement, you know it could still be better.

While managing your thoughts is important because they are the cognitive stories that your mind tells, there is another story being told that we need to pay attention to, one behind the scenes.

If you want to better your relationships, feel more confident, find peace and joy again in life, you need to meet your nervous system.

It would be my honor to introduce you.


Leah Davidson

Leah Davidson, MSc(A), SLP(C)
Speech Language Pathologist and Life Coach


Coaches: You’ve got the mindset piece figured out, but you know something is missing. The mind-body connection is essential if you want your clients to have the ultimate breakthroughs.

Helping Professionals: If you are interested in serving your clients more holistically, up leveling your skills, and giving yourself a competitive edge in a saturated market, this is the way.

Personal Development: If you struggle with things like: chronic pain, anxiety, and fatigue, this is for you. The benefits of this will spillover in all areas of your life: personal, family, work, and your health.

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In Advanced Training Level 1 We Cover:

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  • The Autonomic Nervous System 
  • Stress and Stress Cycles
  • The Polyvagal Framework
  • The Vagus Nerve
  • A Unique Approach to a Window of Tolerance Framework
  • Trauma 101
  • Becoming Trauma Informed
  • Establishing Safety Resources
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  • Expanding and Amplifying Your Zone of Safety and Resilience
  • Resetting your Stress Cycle
  • Befriending the Nervous System
  • Creating a Personalized Menu of Resilience
  • Expanding Your Playzone
  • Creating your Personal Roadmap: Mission, Values and Future Self Work
  • How the Nervous System and Thought Work/ Mindset Models Go Hand in Hand

Ready to get started? 


Valued at $8,500. Yours for a one-time investment of $6,000

(Do both Level 1 & 2 for a one-time investment of $10,000 (and save $2,000!)

Theory and Tools

There will be 12 Theory and Tool sessions. 

Sessions will be held on Tuesdays, 1pm-2:30pmEST.

We start September 2024!


Application/Q&A Calls 

There will be 7 Application/ Q+A calls.

They will take place on Thursdays at 4-5pmEST (spread out over the 12 weeks)


You Also Get…

  • Workbooks
  • Optional Small Group Work
  • Resource Lists
  • Lifetime Access to Monthly Calls
  • Lifetime Access to all Alumni Opportunities
  • Replays of every call (so you never miss a thing)
  • Supportive Community
  • BONUS: EFT Workshop 
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(Save BIG when you sign up for Level 1 & Level 2 together!)

Ready to go deeper?

In Advanced Training Level 2, we will leave no stone unturned so you can help you and/or your clients see astounding, life-changing results.

Results that will help you not only change your life AND the life of your clients, but also up level your coaching business.

Results that everyone around you will notice.

If you are ready to take the foundations and use them to transform your life even more, I hope you will join me.

Sign up for Level 1 & 2 together for only $10,000 and save $2,000!

In Advanced Training Level 2 You Learn:

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  • Neuroplasticity, (including Positive Neuroplasticity)
  • Tools to help you Shift and Rewire your Brain
  • Executive Functioning Skills – Understanding the CEO
  • Emotional Regulation 
  • Deeper Emotional Processing
  • Growth vs Fixed Mindset
People using a computer
  • Post Traumatic Growth
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain and Illness
  • Professional Resilience – Overcoming and Preventing Compassion Fatigue, Secondary Traumatic Stress and Burnout
  • Creating a Personalized Professional Resilience Plan


Valued at $8,500. Yours for a one-time investment of $6,000!

OR SAVE $2,000 and purchase both Level 1 & 2 for only $10,000!

*Please note you must have completed Level 1 training to be eligible for Level 2 Training. 

Theory and Tools

There will be 12 Theory and Tool sessions on topics like:

  • Positive Neuroplasticity
  • Post Traumatic Growth
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Pain and Chronic Illness
  • Anxiety
  • Professional Resilience



Application & Q&A Calls 

There will be 6 Application/Q+A calls on topics like:

  • Somatic Tracking (for Chronic Pain and Illness)
  • Emotional Processing
  • Share Your Resilience Plan
  • Practice Heal Technique


You Also Get…

  • Workbooks
  • Optional Small Group Work
  • Resource Lists
  • Lifetime Access to all Alumni Opportunities
  • Lifetime Access to Monthly Calls
  • Replays of All Calls
  • Supportive Community
  • BONUS: Group Breathwork Session
  • Three reasons why you need to understand your nervous system:  

    • In simple terms, trauma is “getting stuck” in a dysregulated state. In order to get “unstuck” one must build up their safe place.
    • Daily stressors are inevitable. To increase our capacity for joy, we need to build up our resilience to them.
    • Adversity is always there. The best way to combat it is with resilience.
    Leah holding a cup that says the cup is always half full


    (click to watch the video below):


    The first time I heard Leah explain how the nervous system affects us and why understanding this is so critical to effective coaching my mind was blown. I immediately dove in learning all I could and was first in line to sign up for her advanced training.
    This program far exceeded my expectations in terms of the breadth of information and I’m finding myself not only using it in my coaching, but incorporating it into my personal conversations as well. I recommend this course to all coaches/healers/experts who want a new set of tools and an amazing teacher to give them to you.

    Jody Moore

    Jody Moore Life Coaching 

    This is the best class ever! I love how you have given me a framework to understand SO many different concepts and tools that I’ve heard about and been interested in or have used to some degree or another. It’s so awesome to see how it all comes together and makes sense within the nervous system framework. This training is brilliant! 
    I am so much more aware of my own nervous system state and regulation. I love this knowledge and how it’s helping me show up more of the way I want to more of the time (as a wife, mother, coach, etc), and have compassion for myself when I don’t. It has given me so many more tools to use with my clients, and has given me the chance to help my clients understand what is happening inside of them in significant ways. Genuinely life-changing material for me personally, and for my clients. THANK YOU!!!

    Bethany Lewis

    The Concussion Coach

    Taking this training is the best decision I have made as a life coach so far! It has filled in some of the gaps that were missing with my previous training. It has helped me to understand my clients better and become a better coach. It has also opened some new doors in my business and I am so excited about my future as a coach who understands the nervous system! Personally, I have adopted new practices and routines so I can be my best self. I use and apply the tools I learned in this class every single day because they work and are making a difference in my life! My husband and children are using some of the tools and it is changing their life as well. It has also given me hope that many of the chronic illnesses I have suffered with since I was a teen can be eliminated, or that I can at least become symptom free from them. The training exceeded my expectations!

    Cory Hardman

    Cory Hardman Coaching