About Me

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Hello! I thought I’d introduce myself professionally and tell you a bit about me and why I do what I do!  My name is Leah Davidson  and I am a  registered Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) and a certified Life Coach.

I’ve devoted over two decades (yikes!) as an SLP to helping people rehabilitate and rebuild their lives following traumatic brain injury.  I also became a Life Coach (through The Life Coach School) to add to my toolbox of ways I can support my clients manage the various curveballs that life throws at them (whether it be the daily stressors of life or the  ones that tend to shift their world).

My  training and experience has allowed me a unique perspective of the brain.  I know the brain and I  have a good understanding of how it works and how resilient it is. I am a self development and neuroscience junkie and know that if you have a growth mindset, there is always opportunity to learn and evolve. 


Neuroplasticity is very real – and you can rewire your brain. You can learn how to calm your nervous system, deal with stress and adversity. You can heal your traumas, become free from chronic pain and illnesses, and even experience post traumatic growth.

Most importantly, you can learn how to get MORE out of your life – more acceptance, more gratitude, more peace, more connection, more satisfaction, more compassion – and overall just feel better in your life – without  having to change your circumstances. You can move from resistance to resilience!  I want to help you become more purposeful in creating the life that you want to lead. 


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I too, have struggled with the stress and emotional overwhelm that everyday life often brings.

I have had losses: loved ones, relationships, hopes and dreams.  I have experienced the anxiety, sadness, stress and grief that comes with adversity. 

I did the work and took a deep dive into my own personal life.  I challenged my beliefs.  I rewrote my story.  I have learned how to become more consciously resilient. I have learned how to live with more joy and abundance!

I set impossible goals.  And I have been blown away by the results I created for myself.  I knew I had an obligation to share them.

Your brain is the key to your happiness,  well-being and growth potential.   Your thoughts and feelings are your superpowers.

I have the tools and the experience to help you find joy and deliberately create the future of your dreams, one thought and one feeling at a time. I will help you uncover the real you. 

With Love,