Ep. 151: Becoming Trauma Informed

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Ep. 151: Becoming Trauma Informed

I’m sure that at one point or another, you’ve looked in the metaphorical mirror and wondered how past traumas in your life might be influencing your behaviors and choices without you even realizing it. The problem is, it’s hard to have the knowledge or vocabulary to navigate those deep waters effectively.

That’s where becoming “trauma-informed” comes in. It’s a mindset shift that can really benefit everyone, from professionals in the coaching field like me, to anyone looking to foster resilience.

In today’s episode, I’m peeling back the layers on what it means to be trauma-informed, talking about big T’s and little t’s of trauma, the profound shift from asking “What’s wrong with you?” to “What’s happened to you?” (a question made famous by Oprah Winfrey), and why being trauma-informed is more than just understanding.




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