Ep. 139: Why We Cry

Building Resilience Podcast
Building Resilience Podcast
Ep. 139: Why We Cry

Whether it’s an episode of “This is Us” or a commercial with a sad-looking dog, one thing’s for certain—I’m a crier.


Tears have a language of their own—a way to communicate with our body and the nervous system. In this episode of Building Resilience, we’re diving deep into understanding the emotion behind our tears and the science that accompanies them.


From the essential basal tears that keep our eyes lubricated to the deeply emotional tears that provide a much-needed release, tears play a crucial role in our lives. But what’s often overlooked is the societal pressure that surrounds crying, particularly labeling it as a sign of weakness. We’re breaking down those misconceptions and exploring the benefits of crying.


From offering stress relief by releasing oxytocin and endorphins to fostering relationship strengthening through vulnerability, tears have far-reaching benefits. For those who might find themselves seldom shedding a tear, we’ll delve into the reasons behind this emotional response.

So whether you’re a crier or not, this episode promises to offer an emotional roller-coaster filled with self-discovery, acceptance, and the therapeutic benefits of a good cry.



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