Go Further

“You didn’t come this far only to come this far” Jeffrey R Holland.

The journey following a TBI is a long one. 

The brain takes a long time to heal, to learn, to adapt. 

It takes a long time to grieve, to mourn, to grow and to accept. Just when you think you have made some traction it starts all over again.

As SLPs we have helped hundreds in their rehab journey. We work with you to help you improve, regain, rebuild, reroute, redefine and repair. We celebrate every gain with you, we encourage you with every setback and we help you keep moving forward. 

We help you work on your “C”. Your “C” is your circumstance – the “facts” in your life. It is the fact that you had a TBI or a concussion. It is the deficits and symptoms that you experience due to your injury. 

We help you maximize recovery of all the things that are now your “C”s. 

At some point you may feel that you have accomplished everything your want to in your recovery. Or you may not, but the rehab slows down or ends all the same. Sometimes  people decide they want a break. Perhaps their legal file settles and they decide it’s time to put rehab on the back burner. Sometimes people feel they have plateaued, or have managed their symptoms as much as they can.

They begin to see that while changes may still slowly occur, there are many “facts” that they need to try to accept. 

They may start to see their new “C” is not easily changeable. And it may be here to stay.

But what if we told you that that is NOT it. 

That there is still much more growth you can do. 

That we don’t have to work on the “C” anymore. 

But there is still so much we can do.

As Life Coaches,we believe that once your “C” has stabilized; once your “C” is likely there to stay, we can start looking at your “Ts”.

Our “Ts’ is your thoughts. 

Sound easy? Sound a bit woo – woo? 

Well, to be honest, when we look at your “Ts” – magical things can happen. 

Your “Ts” unlock your future. 

As Life Coaches we teach you to manage your mind and use the power of your thoughts so you can continue moving forward and create a future you had not thought possible. 

We help you manage your mind so you can move on from “rehab you” to become the “future” you that you are ready to now create….

After all, you didn’t come this far only to come this far…

We can help you go further. Let’s get connected.