Worry: The Pretender

Worry Pretends to be Necessary

Have you heard the expression “Worry pretends to be necessary”.

When I first heard it,  I loved it. 

It felt so freeing. 

I don’t like to worry. 

But I do worry sometimes. 

 I often felt like I had to say I was worried to be “normal”.

I had to worry about my kids’ social life, their grades, their future. 

If I didn’t worry, it meant I didn’t care. I didn’t love them enough. 

Other mothers worry more so they are better mothers.

I must be a bad mother if I don’t worry.

How freeing it was to let worry go. 

Worry wants to feel important, but it was just sucking up my time and energy. 

Worry is optional. 

Sometimes I do like to indulge in worry. It’s an old habit. Like comfort food. 

But I now know it is my choice, and what I make it mean is my choice too.

I can choose worry, or I can choose not to worry.

It doesn’t define me., Not does it define my love for others.I can love you and never worry one minute about you.