Struggling with juggling

Many of us struggle with time management. 

If you have a brain injury, you probably know what I’m talking about.

Challenges with executive functions are prevalent after concussion/brain injury.

They are associated with injury to the pre-frontal cortex of the brain — the part of the brain responsible for goal setting, planning, initiation, prioritizing, and…time management.

You used to be able to juggle with ease…to run on autopilot.

Now, things have changed.

You might feel off.

You might miss appointments. 

You might forget to run an errand, return a call, pay a bill.

You might stop making plans altogether so you avoid disappointment.

Everything takes longer.

I’m overwhelmed.

Your brain has changed. That is fact. 

That is ok.

Everything takes longer and more energy.

That is ok too.

The good news is time is relative. 

The way we experience time is dependent on how we think about it.

It can go fast or it can go slow.

The best part is we can deliberately create and manage time…

By planning ahead.

This requires an investment of time and energy. 

Your brain will resist all of it. 

However, the more you plan, the freer you will be.

This is the reward. 

We can help you get there….


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