Change your brain. For real.

I am a bit addicted to Ted talks. 

If you spend more than 20 minutes talking to me, you will definitely hear me say: “I head this Ted talk about …fill in the blank” (And you can pretty much fill in ANYTHING as I’ve likely heard a Ted talk about it.)

In all fairness,  use a lot of Ted talks with my clients as I find them a powerful and interesting way to learn and to practice many of the cognitive communication skills I usually am working on with them (attention, memory, listening, synthesizing info etc.)

So when I came across this one: “After watching this, your brain will not be the same”, by Lara Boyd, I was pretty excited!

It was a talk that explained exactly why I loved watching and listening to Ted talks!

In the talk, Dr. Boyd talks about the idea of Neuroplasticity: the brain’s ability to change continuously throughout an individual’s life.  

She says that every time you learn a new fact or skill, you change your brain! 

How is this done? Well there are three ways of changing the brain: Chemical, structural and functional. 

She goes on to explain that the best driver of neuroplasticity is behaviour. 

Behaviour. Actions. Doing. 

Actions: the things that are fueled by your feelings,  which are created by your thoughts. 


She also goes on to say that in order to really change behaviour, there is nothing more effective than learning and practice. Moreover, the increase struggle that occurs during practice leads to greater learning and greater plasticity.

What does that tell you?

When you are discouraged by how hard everything feels, when you are feeling the fatigue from learning so much, when you are discouraged that it all feels like a struggle – remind yourself that you are changing your brain. 

Just by reading this you have changed your brain!  Congrats!

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