What is a $100 worth?

I was walking a long the street the other day and something caught my eye.

It was folded up, and crinkled and looked pretty ratty.

It looked like people had stepped on it, and even wiped their muddy shoes on it!

When I bent down to pick it up, it was damp and filthy.

It was a $100 bill.

Because it was so ratty looking, I quickly put it back down and walked away.


Who would want that? Right? 


I picked it up. I walked over to the nearest bank and I tried to deposit it. 

They looked at it; all crinkled and dirty and torn and damp.

They told me they could not give me its full value. That at best they could give me $25  for it. Maybe $50 if they got special permission from the manager.

Can you believe it?? 


You can’t. Because that would never happen.

I deposited in my account at full value.

Because $100 is worth a $100 no matter what.

It doesn’t matter how dirty, how damp, how used, how crinkled it is. Heck, it doesn’t even matter if it is truly damaged, torn or has pieces missing from it! You can try to destroy the bill, but you can never destroy the value.

It is always worth the $100 it is worth.

No one can change that.

That hundred dollar bill is you my friend.

You can be tattered and shamed, broken and lost, or simply dirty and crinkled.

You are still worth the exact same as shiny and new; whole and crisp. 

Your worth has not and will never change due to any injury, illness, trial, challenge, or failure. 

Your worth is unchangeable.

Believe it.