Real Estate Agent or Thief?

What you choose to focus on, you will find.

Do you believe that?

Let’s just say I lived in a gorgeous, custom built house that sat on a huge lot facing the lake. It was in a quiet neighborhood with my closest neighbor was a comfortable distance apart. 

 I had recently built this house and all the finishings and appliances were high end. 

I had beautiful works of art hanging on the wall, custom made furniture and the décor was primarily made up of unique pieces that I had picked up on my travels over the years.

I had an alarm system, hooked up to every window, cameras at the door and voice activated stereo and lighting throughout the house. 

It is  an incredible house. 

I decide to have a small dinner party and invite you.

You are a real estate agent.

Firstly, you arrive at my house and thinking to yourself what a great neighborhood it is to raise kids. Neighbors around, but not too isolated. You comment on the custom finishings and the security system that is state of the art that will keep everyone safe. You admire the appliances, noting they increase the value of the kitchen, and you note how the art work and mirrors make the home look more spacious. You are intrigued by all the décor – the uniqueness and the story behind each one. You recognize that this home is perfectly staged and would be so easy to sell. You make note of all the things that you would highlight in your brochure if you were to sell it. 

I also invite another friend.

This friend however is a thief. 

Firstly, the thief arrives and notes how isolated the home is with easy access to the backyard where there are large back doors. The thief enters the house and notices the security system and cameras ; inconveniences for sure so he’ll have to try to get a tour of the house and ask more questions about how the system works. The art work is magnificent and could likely sell for thousands. The décor is unique and expensive and would be easy to take and off load at a pawn shop. This place is a goldmine. You make note of what you would be able to quickly take and quickly sell.

Same house. Same things. Different perspectives.

With the intention of selling a house, our brain would focus on one thing. With the intention of robbing a house, our brain would focus on another thing. 

You see our brain will always find evidence or proof for whatever it wants to believe. We can choose to focus on things that allow us to see how easy it is to sell our house, or we can choose to focus on how easy it is to rob our house.

The choice is always yours.