Make your mess your message

I think I’ve already shared that I am addicted to Ted talks.

I recently found a new rival: Masterclasses.

So many topics, so many ideas to explore! I use them a lot with my SLP clients as they provide very functional opportunities for new learning, comprehension, memory and even verbal expression when we discuss them.

I was watching the one with Robyn Roberts the other day, called “Effective and Authentic Communication” . She was sharing her struggle with breast cancer, and the subsequent complications she had after.

She said that during these trying times, a phrase her mother always used to tell her was constantly running through her mind: “Make your mess your message”.

I loved it.

I’m going to use it.

We all are leading very messy lives. Sometimes we bring on the mess, sometimes someone else places us in the middle of the mess, and sometimes for no reason we can see or certainly understand, we find ourselves in the middle of an unknown mess. We have all been there, or we will all be there at one point. There is no escaping the mess of life.

But what can we do with our mess? Do we hide it? Do we run from it? Do we attempt to distract ourselves and avoid it?

Or do we share it with others? Do we ask ourselves, “what am I supposed to learn? What am I supposed to share?” Or, “what can I learn?”. What can you share from your experience, your despair?Sometimes we have to dig deep to take away a message. But there is always something we can learn.

Then we can share.

So many people feel alone in their mess. So many people want to hear about other people’s messes – it helps us connect. It helps us know we are not alone.

Robyn suggests that we use whatever platform we have and share. Whatever we are going through, there is usually someone else who can benefit from hearing our message. We may not know what their story is, or what they need, but by sharing our mess, sometimes we can reach them. Sometimes, the person you end up helping may even be yourself.

Make your mess your message. Find a way to learn and share.