This is Bella on Hope.

This is Bella hopeful (that Hope will engage) in their first meeting. (Not a chance):

This is Bella believing in Hope.

True story. 

Hope came first. 

She was my first love/rescue girl. Hope didn’t love Bella invading her space at first, but they found a way to build Hope. They slept on my bed together. They waited for me at the door together. Hope greeted us at the door after we returned from walks. (She even escaped once, hung out with a neighbour, ate tuna and watched Pretty Little Liars). 

Hope had hope.

When Hope passed unexpectedly at age 7 in 2015, Bella searched for her every time we got in from a walk. Tables had turned. Bella had Hope. Hope passed hope to us, for us.

Hope is a choice. We really need to stand up for Hope. Choose to believe it. Now is the time.

After all, having Hope is beautiful.