Choose inspiration

Have you heard the expression: Don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s end (or even their middle).

I feel it is particularly relevant to us right now.

We are the new kids on the block. We started up our coaching practice pretty recently. This can be a little tricky for our minds to get around. It is so easy to look around and compare and despair. So many people have tons of followers on social media. So many Life Coaches are wildly successful. We look at where we are now, and feel like there is never a chance we will get to where THEY are. 

But then I remind myself of how I felt 20 years ago as a Speech Pathologist. I remember my first TBI client. I met him while I did my summer internship at Mass General Hospital. I remember looking at my supervisor and how skilled and awesome she was and thought I would NEVER get there. I would never be able to serve my clients like she was artfully serving him. But then I decided, I could get down on myself for being the newbie, or I could be inspired by her example and just keep going.

 I chose inspiration.

And now, 20 years later, I have had the honour to serve hundreds and hundreds of clients. I am no longer the new kid on the block as a Speech Pathologist. I just kept learning, developing, serving and I slowly but surely, with commitment, desire and dedication, I became who I wanted to become.

And now I start that process over again as a Life Coach. With a goal to serve thousands of clients. I again am in awe of so many Life Coaches that I admire  – those in the middle or the end  – and again, I choose  inspiration. 

Are you looking around and doing the compare and despair in some area of your life? Where can you choose inspiration instead?